Ginny's Prophetic Word

This week we started a new preaching series.  A series rooted in the book of Jonah and inspired by a prophetic word given by Ginny Burgin at the ChristCentral leaders conference this summer.


Her word is an exaltation to the church to Wake up! Call on our God, that might save. Jonah 1:6


So that is what we are doing.

Each night this week we are giving up our evenings to call on God.

Calling Him to:

  1. Stir up the church for a passion for His name.
  2. That we would have a Holy Spirit given heart for the lost.
  3. That God would bring back the prodigals across the nation.
  4. That He would save and grow his church.


Please join us as we pray over the rest of this week:

Tuesday – Ours

Wednesday – Kika and Olympia’s

Thursday – Ours

Friday – Adam and Hannah’s


Below is a link to the word brought by Ginny and the transcript.



…Proclamation and authority, and they were locked behind gates and the man was explaining to me that these things had been left behind by the church. The proclamation of the gospel and the church’s authority, that she has in doing that.  And I looked up but he said to me, well he showed me. He showed me all around households, where we looked into various households all across the world and I could see people struggling with the situations they were in and there were people saying how can I cope with what’s coming?  What will my grandchildren have to live through?  Will I be able to survive another year?  All these questions were going on all over the world in people’s hearts and I began to hear a sound that fills my ears and I still hear this sound.  2006 this came and I’m still here in this sound and it was the sound of the world shouting and they were shouting “wake up get up call upon your God and see if he will have compassion on us and save us”. “wake up, get up, call on your lord and see if you will have compassion on us and save us”.  And then after hearing that, there was a whole lot more but the point is the man was saying.  It’s time for unlocking these gates, it’s time for the church to take up the stick again that says proclamation on it and authority on it.


And you know when COVID began people began to talk about this being a wake-up call and that was only the beginning.

The faint sound of the wakeup call, but it’s going to become defining, it’s going to become defining until it fills your ears saying, “wake up!”


I went home that day from that conference and I looked it up and it’s actually from Jonah.  Jonah is running away from proclaiming the gospel that brings about repentance to faith, he was running away from doing that, he was hiding in the boat and it was the people in the board that shouted out to Jonah.


And the church has been sleepwalking around in the culture of the day for years and years.  And God is telling us to wake up, to pull ourselves out of this world’s culture and all that it offers us.  It’s time for throwing off these things that hinder us, it’s a time for throwing off consumerism and individualism it’s a time for getting back to being part of the community of the saints it’s a time to proclaiming the gospel that is about repentance to sin, which is about turning and allowing God to remove his wrath from us.  That is about true saving from our sin.  It’s time to get ourselves back in the truth and you know I heard a trumpet call at the end of that vision and the trumpet call grew louder and louder and first of all that trumpet call was to others, there’s a trumpet call to us to begin to rise up to step out about culture to become that that has an alternative society to offer.


And then the trumpet call begins to come from the church to the world that says come, come and see come and glorify the king.  It is a time, it’s a time to stand up and being counted.  It’s a time to throw off that sleep and it is to wake up.



finally if you missed this weeks message you can listen or watch here:


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