As a church we have had to re-think and look at things a little differently.  Due to the current climate we have sadly decided that all church gatherings, from Sunday mornings to small groups will for the time being, not be in-person.  This has and will affect many people, but it doesn’t mean that ‘church’ ceases to be.  It just means that we need to adapt, we need to adjust and we need to overcome! 

This will also, of course have massive implications on all of us, so please let us be encourage to keep in touch with each other, within the church community and allow yourself to be part of a community that looks a little different to what many of us are used to, but it is still community.

We will use Zoom to enable us to pray and share stories together, and though it’s far from ideal, know that we are praying for you and through it all God is still Good.

How can you stay connected?

Social media: By following our, instagram, Facebook and twitter feeds you can stay up to date and leave comments. You can also make sure you never a message by subscribing to our podcast and YouTube channel.

Sunday Service:  Our 10:30 service is shared over Zoom, so if you can’t be with us in-person for any reason , you can join in online. Contact us for more details.

Give us a call:  You can always just give us a call, we’d love to chat.

As a church we would love to pray for you and help where possible, so please get in touch should you want us to pray.

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