This Week

Wednesday – Home Group – Segun & Tomi’s – 7:45 pm

Wednesday – Foundations Week 2 – Ben & Jen’s – 7:45 pm

Thursday – Pub Group – Boar’s Head – 8:45 pm

Friday  – Youth Group 

Saturday – TSL Father’s Heart – Grace Church Bolton

TSL Taster Days

21st October – Father’s Heart

25th November –  Spiritual Warfare & Freedom

After doing TSL last year I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take this opportunity and attend these days,  I missed Angela speak last year and am really looking forward to the chance to hear her talk in November.  The days are held in Bolton, about 45 minutes away and if you need a lift please ask, I’ll be going!!!


The ChristCentral Euangelion Team, headed up by our friends Steve Hurd and Graham Webb is pleased to announce a third forum for all those in UK ChristCentral Churches interested in evangelism.  The Evangelism Forum serves as a support and training opportunity for those seeking to grow their local church through all forms of evangelism.  The next meeting of the forum will be online using Zoom on Sunday 22nd October 2023 from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.   If you would like to be involved please let me know so we can make use of this opportunity and join together, or tap the image and email for a zoom code.

Newday 2024

Taking place from 29 July –  2 August (delegates leave on Saturday 3 August) at Norfolk Showground near Norwich. The first meeting is in the evening on Monday 29 July and the last in the evening on Friday 2 August.  HOW MUCH?

Early Bird (to 31 January): £125*
Advance (01 February – 30 April): £140*
Standard (from 01 May): £150*

To cover the cost of food, transport and a serving team for our youth group, the church will hold a gift day in the coming months. 

If you would like to bring a friend from another church, please ask before booking them in as we will need to check our ability to accommodate any extras,  there may also be an additional financial cost that will need to be passed on to that individual.


This Weeks message

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To be part of a church is to be part of a family.   Families help each other out where there is a need. Our Sundays need generous servers to serve the family of God and make everything run smoothly.  Thank you to everyone who serves so faithfully, if though you do not yet serve and are able please let me know, we’d love to get you involved.

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21/10/2023Ian, Pete & Geoff ?Julian Gisella & JoGillianFunmibiOlympia & Libby
28/10/2023Ian, Pete & Geoff ?Julian Gisella & JoGillianFunmibiOlympia & Libby

Thank you

Ben Read

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